Organization & Participation

MJW holds classes twice monthly on Sundays for pre-K through 6th grade students. In addition, a graduating class of 7th graders experiences becoming a member of the community–the traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah–through guided independent study and community service culminating in a graduation celebration.

A self-governing organization depends on the participation of its members to maintain its vitality and continuity. As a cooperative Workshop that continues to invent and define itself, MJW looks to its members for active participation, ideas and inspiration. MJW seeks to foster a warm, nurturing learning environment for each child and a sense of welcoming inclusiveness for families.

Parents should:

  • Be responsible for prompt payment of fees.
  • Be responsible for children’s attendance, prompt arrival and follow-up on any discipline issues.
  • As class parent, assist the teacher in preparation for the class (if the teacher wishes) and actively help in class.
  • Volunteer in class, where special skills or experience could enhance the curriculum.
  • Reinforce the curriculum by helping with “homework,” engage in family activities related to the curriculum and discuss issues raised in class with your children.
  • Provide feedback on what’s working for your children and family ‑ or what needs to be changed.
  • Contribute your time and expertise to the Workshop by serving as an active member each year on at least one Committee

Children should:

  • Participate in class, be cooperative and well behaved.
  • Ask questions and learn.
  • Show respect for the teacher(s).
  • Have fun!
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