Mission Statement

The Montclair Jewish Workshop is a cooperative undertaking designed to provide our children with an appreciation and understanding of Jewish culture, values and history through a secular education.  Social activism and concern with education, ethics and social justice are aspects of Jewish heritage that are particularly important to us and that we seek to impart to our children.  We live in a complex, diverse world in which the Jewish people have had a significant impact on the broader culture.

Our own Jewish roots and the history and experience of the Jewish people have contributed in important ways to who we are.  We view education in Jewish culture, values and history not as a means of separating ourselves from others, but rather, as a way to deepen our children’s and our own understanding of who we are and to help us strive for a more just, tolerant and peaceful world.


The educational goals of the Montclair Jewish Workshop include:

  • To explore the diversity of Jewish identity, the meaning of Judaism and its relationship to other cultures.
  • To develop an understanding of personal, family and community values and ethics in the context of Jewish traditions.
  • To gain knowledge of Jewish history, culture, literature and art.
  • To gain knowledge of global Jewish diversity, with an emphasis on the Jewish American experience.
  • To experience Jewish values through holiday celebrations, Tsedakah (charity and community activities) and special events.
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